About diverinvest

At DiverInvest we are defined by rigour, transparency, creativity and responsibility.

We invest with only your objectives in mind. We do not have a proprietary product, which gives us independence and flexibility.

We offer customised services, which makes us the perfect partner if you seek a company that offers you comprehensive advice.

Your interests are our own.

Headquartered in Barcelona, our international know-how converts us into a company that invests globally wherever good investment opportunities arise.

As an Independent Financial Assessment Company (EAF), DiverInvest is authorised and regulated by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), with registration no. 15. Supervised by the SEPBLAC, member of the Association of Economists of Madrid and member of the Association of Economists of Catalonia.

Our methodology is based on:

  1. Long-term strategy
  2. Risk control and cost control
  3. Implementation and monitoring of all investments
  4. Global reporting and consolidated position


Offer our customers comprehensive wealth advisory services, providing a customised solution adapted to the needs and objectives of each customer through the evaluation of the investment opportunities offered by the market. And strive every day to build lasting relationships and bonds of trust with customers and advisors.


DiverInvest enables individuals’ and families’ wealth to pass from one generation to another. We believe that our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and our genuine commitment to each is a differentiating factor.



DiverInvest, committed to collaborating towards building a better world since its foundation, continuously evaluates responsible investment products that will positively impact society and environmental conservation.


Headquartered in Barcelona, our know-how enables us to analyse international products within a global environment and select the products that best adapt to our customers and their values.


At DiverInvest we are committed to continuous improvement by applying new technologies to improve processes, which gives us greater agility and allows us to analyse our customers’ Asset Allocation and portfolio evolution in greater depth.


Each customer is unique and so are their needs, requirements and wealth. Therefore, we believe that the best management is to create a custom portfolio accompanied by financial planning that will help them to achieve their objectives. All in accordance with their financial knowledge and degree of aversion to risk.


Although we embarked on our journey in the midst of one of the greatest financial crises in history (2007), DiverInvest was capable of overcoming it successfully, preserving our customers’ wealth in spite of the difficult scenario.



DiverInvest has a high-quality “senior” team that meets monthly to analyse market proposals and determine both guidelines and the most adequate products for all our customers.

Investment Committee

Financial Advisory and Planning Team:

Our team of wealth advisors and planners is responsible for staying abreast of the situation and needs of each of our customers, in order to recommend the investment proposals best suited to each. They work side by side with the investment and product portfolio team.

Investment Portfolio Team

The portfolio team is responsible for implementing the investment strategies of each customer, in addition to monitoring their portfolios on a daily basis. They are in charge of closing monthly balance sheets and analysing alignment to the designed strategy, in addition to discussing tactical ideas with the advisory team.

Financial Assets

Our team’s objective is to offer the best international investment alternatives. We have our own macroeconomic and market analysis department, whose function is to analyse the global market situation and the evolution of the investment products it offers. Its proposals are evaluated by the Investment Committee, which keeps the advisors and portfolio department informed of the performance of the products procured by our customers.

Tax Advice

DiverInvest’s Tax Advice Department was created to complement our Financial Advice services by offering tax improvement and comprehensive advice to our clients.

Real Estate Advisory Services

DiverInvest Partners S.L.U covers the real estate investment area to offer our customers a global service in their asset portfolios.

Institutional Relations