The way Millennials invest

Javier Gazulla talk at Inversion & Finanzas about the new generation at financial markets. Millennials , youth people borned at 80s and 90s start to

First Financial Cycle

Yesterday, We inaugurated fist Financial Training Cycle. The first session was imparted by David Mafoda who talked about the Bond Market. We are glad about

We live in a world ‘low growth, low inflation’

EAFIs and Financial Agents: what assets we should invest? It’s time to emerging? More:

Psicology at Investment

Yesterday we had the second sesion about the Psicology at investment, very important concept but at the same time forgotten. Ignasi Perdera based his talk

Forum for Investment

Last Thursday we celebrate Forum for Investment aimed at non-profit institutions . Such entities are facing a difficult environment. On the one hand, assets no

DiverInvest at Rankia

We share a study of a model Portfolio for Rankia.

Why Markets are falling?

David Levy, president of DiverInvest give an answer to Funds People. Read the article:

Foro Inspira DiverInvest

This morning we have celebrated at Planella office, the first Foro Inspira DiverInvest with the main goal of sharing with our clients the forecast for

Miguel Casas and the market recovery at Investment stategies TV

Our workmate Miguel Casas Analyzes the market situation and explains how is the impact of the variables of the fix rent .

Mark Mobius at DiverInvest

We have had the pleasure to have in DiverInvest, Mark Mobius, Executive President at Templeton Emerging Markets group. It is considerate the best Asia’s manager

Impact Investing at IESE

This morning it has took place at IESE Business School of Barcelona an event about Impact Investing. These investments are looking not only an economic