Your Family office

At DiverInvest we provide advice on family wealth using a 360-degree approach in order to preserve your wealth from generation to generation from a global and independent perspective. We coordinate each phase of a family’s financial life from a customised and integrated approach, which ensures that each detail will be taken into consideration, adapting to their family protocol.


We work closely with our customer to exclusively design the distribution that best adapts to their Wealth based on the Asset Allocation model recommended by DiverInvest.

We search for, select and monitor the products that best adapt to their profile.

Simultaneously, we help the customer in all areas: Family Protocol, Philanthropy, Taxation, Training and much more.


We define the investment strategy for each group

  • Integrated wealth planning: Financial / Real Estate / Corporate
  • Definition of the investment policy according to the customer’s profile
  • We study the customer’s current portfolio
  • We make a customised investment proposal

Selection of banks

  • We recommend financial entities: national and international
  • We adapt to the bank preferences of each customer
  • We remain in constant contact with the their bank’s manager
  • We analyse the products offered by their bank

Selection of products

  • List of investment funds recommended by DiverInvest: core and tactical.
  • Advice on direct investments: ETFs, bonds, shares, etc.
  • Advice on alternative Hedge Funds and Private Equity investments

Investment recommendations

  • Dynamic distribution of the assessed assets
  • Tactical investment ideas
  • Vision of the global macroeconomic situation

Implementation and monitoring of investments

  • Family Council
  • Global Reporting
  • Personal assistant in bank administration issues
  • Monthly meeting with the customer
  • Advice on implementation of recommendations

Audit of customer bank accounts

  • Global report on customer investment portfolios
  • Control and supervision of each transaction performed

Risk control

  • Diversification parameters: banks, assets (fixed income and equity securities) and products
  • Daily monitoring of investments
  • Rebalancing of asset distribution

Cost control

  • Negotiation of commission fees with banks
  • Supervision of the application of the agreed-upon commission fees per transaction
  • Search for more efficient products

Other services

  • Tax optimisation: Personal income tax (IRPF), income, successions, family company, etc.
  • Events with industry experts
  • Customer training
  • Philanthropy

and institutions

Foundations, Associations and Congregations have peculiarities that distinguish them from other investments. Most of their activities are governed by the concept of Endowment, a financial provision whose principal must remain intact over a certain period and whose profitability must be capable of hedging annual and inflation expenses in order to carry out long-term solidarity actions.

DiverInvest, based on its profound understanding of this group, not only adapts to these structures but also to the codes of ethics of each, both in terms of actions and recommended products.

Some entities have their own investment team, which DiverInvest advises and gives support. In entities without such teams, DiverInvest expands its services and, in any case, is always at the disposal of the Board of Trustees and Governing Bodies.

At DiverInvest we have also developed the role of Investment Manager , which focuses on a type of investment called social impact investment that contributes to the improvement of society; investments made in social enterprises with the intention of generating a social and/or environmental impact along with financial returns.